Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How "haters" are helping to destroy black culture

So introductory post aside. Let's get into the main course of this blog-a-palooza. Question of the day is Why I think haters are helping to destroy black culture? One reason, and one reason only, THERE AREN'T ENOUGH OF US OUT THERE!!! 

"You're a hater" is one of the most over used phrases on this planet, second only behind "I love you". There is nothing wrong with critique, there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, there is nothing wrong with intense ridicule and shame. And for years, ridicule, shame and constructive criticism have been the guards at the gates keeping the wack: boys bands, R&B wanna-bes and sucka MC's at bay. 

But now, due to the extreme overuse and misuse of these terms, even the wackest of  the sucka MC's have the nerve to make youtube videos daring anyone to criticize them. Puffy , P Diddy (or whatever he calls himself this week) made an emotional youtube video about comic Maronzio Vance who dared call puffy poisonous to hip-hop. Now he didn't dispute the guy on the merits of his argument, he just accused him of .... HATING. sigh/facepalm

Now with the critics silenced we have an infusion of Wacka Flocka Flames, Nikki Minajs and Souljah Boys. There would of been a time when the natural order of the world would of been to clown these "artists" and others like them out of existence. But now they stay on for years, infecting music and culture with their ridiculous brand of ....whatever it is they do. 

Now granted, hating does exist. I don't like Kobe Bryant, never have, never will... I tried to justify it, and pretend I have good reasons for it, but truth be told... I don't.. I just have a visceral reaction to whenever I see him. I hopes he trips down the stairs....of the Washington Monument. I hope the Dallas Cowboys get poison ivy of the genitals, I didn't want Karl Malone's phone to ring, I didn't want him to get a earring, I didn't want him to get ring around the collar..let alone a championship ring (now thats some good hate)

But not liking a horrible rapper , for rapping in a horrible fashion. Not liking a R&B "diva" who can't sing live, and  is joined at the hip with autotune. Not liking a group who always lipsynchs because they can't recreate their studio sound in real life...not liking a rapper because his name is ... wocka.....flocka.....flame...Not liking Dr. Suess MC's with thier 3rd grade lyrics is not hating. Its constructive criticism with a dash of ridicule...and it's needed. 

Finally, you know who really should be upset right now??? Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice was before his time, if he would of waited it out.. he could of had a great career, won a couple Grammy's, maybe an oscar or two or co-hosted The View. Think about the wonderful career Vanilla Ice would of had, if it hadn't been for.... The Haters. Long Live Hating.

Free Thinkers Are Dangerous. 
The Scholarly Hooligan