Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ted Nugent, Black on Black Crime & The Failure of the Fourth Estate

"I will pray for Stevie Wonder and all these other numbnuts who think that Trayvon Martin's life is more important than the tens of thousands of slaughtered blacks at the hands of blacks? I don't even know what to do with that information."
-Ted Nugent

     Ted Nugent has been one small part of a larger concerted effort to bait and switch the entire country. Instead of talking about how a 17 year old was killed for no other reason than he looked like a scary negro to a guy with a gun, the conversation has shifted. Whether it's Geraldo Rivera's preoccupation with fashion, or the Fox News attempts at character assassination or Rush Limbaugh having an on-air orgasm as he said the word nigga because he had somehow convinced himself that he received implicit permission from Rachel Jeantel. Right wingers have jumped all over themselves painting Trayvon as a thug and painting mourners as hypocritical race baiters.
  The Right has perfected a method that allows them say and sprout almost anything with impunity. It's the incredible repetitive talking point. It's ingenious insomuch as it allows for a lie or fabrication to be repeated as often as possible and as loudly as possible without any type of due diligence or vetting. They repeat a point over and over and quote each other using the same talking point in a circle of inscestuous sourcing thus creating an echo chamber, that at first glance seems substantive, but which quickly falls apart with even the briefest of appraisals.

     The media, whose job it is to vet and investigate these statements for authenticity, veracity,or at least some semblance of truth have instead shucked their responsibilities, regurgitating the talking point without even pretending to challenge it. I can only guess that it's easier to get someone to tune in, or read your OP-ED if you have Ted Nugent calling a child a "dope smoking hoodlum"  and  calling Stevie Wonder soulless, than it is to see if Ted's underlining points are even valid. I guess fact checking isn't sexy now-a-days. So to all the media outlets who have gladly reiterated the lie, or some version of the lie that Mr. Nugent and others have gleefully repeated let me say this. 

     It is at best a fraudulent fiction and at worse a pattern of intentional vilification to say, or insinuate that Black America and its leaders do not, or have not cared about black on black crime. Those who say that the Black community hypocritically focused on George Zimmerman while ignoring inner city violence either haven't been listening or are intentionally engaging in slanderous deceit. So I, a blogger with no investigative journalism training , offer as my proof this small timeline of articles that took me 15 minutes compile using Google. In it you will see leaders from then Senator Obama, to Al Sharpton, to Jesse Jackson to Russell Simmons all talking about inner city crime, Chicago murder rate, and the need for a reduction in violence in urban communities. 

Please feel free to copy and paste this link whenever needed. Mr. Nugent, maybe you and others of your ilk can figure out what to do with this information, because besides lining the bottom of a bird cage, I have no idea what to do with yours.

Free Thinkers are Dangerous. 
-The Scholarly Hooligan

1993-NAACP President talking about urban violence specifically Chicago & LA)

2007- Obama taking about urban violence in

2009-Attorny General Eric Holder's Chicago youth violence remarks.

2010 –Jesse Jackson-Chicago is in a state of emergency

2012- Obama Talks Chicago Violence: “I Live On The Southside…Murders Happening Blocks From Home

2012- -Russell Simmons –I am present for Peace MARCH

Jan 2013- Obama On Chicago Gun Violence: President References Hometown Tragedies In Gun Control Address

Feb 2013- Russell Simmons Urges Lawmakers to Pass Assault Weapons Ban

Feb 2013 - Retired black General Says National Guard Could Help Curb Chicago Violence

Feb 2013 Jesse Jackson and protesters Want Obama to talk more about violence in Chicago

May 3, 2013 - Obama Campaign Uses Chicago Violence to Push for Gun Control

July 4, 2013-Al Sharpton talks about moving to Chicago to deal with the violence in

The NAACP position on gun control to help bring down gun violence in Inner cities