Monday, September 13, 2010

First Post.

Okay. welcome to The Scholarly Hooligan. This is for friends, foes, adversaries, enemies and others. This blog will not be for the intellectually weak of heart. It will be for the "hot and bothered", for the "does not play well with others" for the . I may will play devil's advocate. I will challenge, I will spit and claw and fight my way to my position. A wise man once said if you can't defend your belief, it must not be much of a belief. So be the words of Parliament Funkadelic to "En Guard! Defend Yourself....."

Just so you know what you're getting yourself into: MY STATS: I am a 33 year African-American Male, I vote Democratic, but I tend to lean center, and at times even fall to the right on some issues. I am a Christian, but I am navigating what that means ( I believe in God, , and try to go to church from time to time, I Love Jesus but some a lot of his followers get on my nerves). I have a pinch of libertarianism in me, but I believe in a strong central government.... go figure. I don't mind satire, but hate racism disguised as such, I'm a: poet, 1st Year Ph.D student in Education, and I'm engaged. I'm Pro-Labor, Pro-Gun Control & Pro-Life...all life so I'm anti-death penalty & anti-war (except in cases of self defense). I like Keith Olbermann but I catch snippets of Bill O'Reilly. I watch football, eat meat, and read Sci-Fi fantasy books.

So there. That's where I come from. Those are my prejudices, so you can better gauge what I have to say. Expect a new post every Monday or Tuesday. Expect some fights, expect some bad grammar. But enjoy the ride.

Free Thinkers Are Dangerous.

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  1. Nice work cousin! Feel free to check out mine too, under no obligation of course.